Raw Air

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Raw Air: Poems, 1997, Cheryl Boyce Taylor, Andrea Lockett
0963958577, 9780963958570, Fly by Night Press, 1997

“Raw Air is required reading for anyone who is interested in learning how social and personal awareness can be integrated into a beautifully conceived and sensitively executed poetic structure.  Boyce-Taylor writes eloquently about relationships, race, alienation, and struggle.  A woman who is not afraid to immerse herself in the difficult questions, she speaks — no, sings — from a conviction which flows naturally out of her uncompromising commitment.” –Susan Sherman, IKON Magazine.

“Here is Boyce Taylor, Poet Laureate of Trinidad via Low East Side/Brooklyn, in full book regalia!  Read silently, you become a part of family history — a family who lives in places where bodies connect and separate, where joy and pain are food. Open Raw Air and breathe deep!” –Bob Holman.